You can't afford to have server downtime. And with Web Essentials and Amazon Web Services (AWS), you won't.

As one of the major cloud service providers, AWS offers some of the world's most advanced hosting infrastructure for a reasonable price. It hosts some of the biggest websites in the world and provides you with reliable and scalable cloud computing services.

Harnessthe cloud

AWS cloud computing lets you take advantage of a wide array of cloud functionalities, including the ability to scale servers according to your needs and the ability to autoscale, allowing to you add more servers to a site when there is more traffic or to lose servers when there is less.

Our set-up includes advanced caching. We do frontend caching to two redundant servers so you have no single point of failure, meaning if one server fails, your website will still be online.

Take the stress out of managing your hosting yourself. Let us keep your website running smoothly with AWS.