Continuous Deployment Pipeline

Prerequisite for True Agility

Many IT projects fail or slow down on the integration process. Not at Web Essentials. With our Continuous Deployment Pipeline, we start the integration process from the very beginning and solve related problems early, so you get your high-quality, fully functional product on time.

At Web Essentials, we believe that if we want to be truly Agile, we need to have an infrastructure that allows us to live an Agile culture. We have therefore invested heavily in our Continuous Deployment infrastructure so that we can continuously deliver working software.

Best Practices Applied

We are among the few development companies in Asia with a Continuous Deployment Pipeline, letting us continuously deliver working software, and making us a good option for your outsourcing needs.

By running automated tests as soon as code is written, we troubleshoot issues as they arise, rather than when the product is finished. This gives you peace of mind, because you can rely on your product being done when it is released - no drawn-out post-development process of fixing bugs and finding problems that need to be fixed.

Zero Downtime Deployments

The automated deployment pipeline allows us to do zero downtime deployment, a critical asset for any business application.

In this video our CEO Dominik explains exactly how a Continuous Deployment Pipeline works, with an example of how it made the process of upgrading a website with thousands of pages smooth and secure.