At Web Essentials, we reduce your downtime and business losses by using Nagios for our IT infrastructure monitoring.

Centralized monitoring lets us observe live websites on the server and on the application level. If there's a CPU, disk space, or any other server-related issue, we are informed immediately so we can intervene whenever there is a problem.


We take monitoring seriously, even receiving SMS updates from Nagios so we know the moment there's an issue.

We collect logs on a centralized log server, allowing us to collect, index, and search all these logs to quickly find out what issues are occurring. On the web application level, we analyze which scripts are slow, and identify performance issues or problems in the code. This lets us suggest improvements both in the development phase and when the site is live to keep your website running smoothly.

Additionally, Nagios helps us share availability data with stakeholders, detect security breaches, and plan and budget for IT upgrades.

Don't waste your time monitoring your infrastructure. Let Web Essentials take care of it for you.