Automated Quality Assurance

Anybody can release code, but can they release with confidence?

Our automated quality assurance process ensures every project we deliver has been built with quality in mind. By automating our testing we detect problems early, and also save time and money for our clients.

With automated quality assurance, we focus on code quality, which makes your product better.

Because Quality Matters

While we used to look more like the traditional pyramid, since moving to Agile we have been on a path where more and more is automated.

Our unit tests validate the functionality of the unit our developers have written, while user acceptance testing ensures the product works for the user, and UI testing makes sure the user interface meets its specifications.

As part of our Continuous Deployment, this testing happens continuously throughout development, allowing us to course-correct and troubleshoot issues as they occur.

While automating this process makes us more efficient, we continue to do manual code review for training purposes and to receive feedback from experts in the field, as part of our commitment to continuously improving the quality of our code and of our products.