Data Migration Plan

Whether you're looking to create a better way to display statistical data, changing your hosting provider or upgrading your existing TYPO3 or Neos website; we can help.

We have data specialists on our team that make data migration a breeze. Our automated migration processes can make upgrading your site as simple as pressing a button.

Don't risk losing or corrupting your data. Make sure your data migration is done right by doing it with Web Essentials.

Hold on to your Historical Data

Let us take the tedious task of data migration from you.

When we migrate data, we can also provide data cleaning to improve data quality, eliminate redundant information, and match the requirements of the new system.

As we have shifted from manual migration to automated migration, we have started to write migration scripts making it much simpler to upgrade complex websites. These scripts are transparent and validated, so the migration can be executed again and again.

We can export TYPO3 website data into a format that is readable by translation systems, simplifying the process for translating your website, and we can also help migrate your email system to the Google Apps email service.

Contact us today to ask how we can help with your data migration needs.