Infrastructure Team

Just as a house needs to be built on a strong foundation, your TYPO3 web project needs to be built on a strong infrastructure.

The Web Essentials Infrastructure Team sets up the right infrastructure for you. We build your infrastructure to be able to work in simulated live-environments, and create a deployment pipeline facilitating continuous deployment every step of the product development.

The Right Mix of People

With server engineers, quality assurance specialists, infrastructure advisors and web developers on our Infrastructure Team, it consists of the right mix of people to cater for any project's infrastructure needs.

For new projects, it all starts with the system architecture of the application to ensure your product is properly designed from the ground up, so you can build on it in the future. This means to create a Vagrant or Docker environment for the developers to work in which is as close as possible to the production environment to minimize integration issues later. It continues with a build pipeline that allows to publish code checked in by developers through different stages, at which quality assurances checks happen, until and including the ability to publish it onto the live server by a simple click.

We have also helped clients with live server set-ups including entire virtual private clouds, systems monitoring and web application monitoring. If you are having performance issues, we can verify if scripts are running slowly and figure out why this is the case, and we can do stress tests and try to solve problems in a programmatic way, rather than resolving the issue with additional server resources. Said this, we also have the ability to deploy your website into an auto-scaling infrastructure, which will provide server resources depending on the number of requests your website is experiencing.

Don't risk a weak foundation for your project. Build one that lasts with the Web Essentials Infrastructure Team.