Neos is Content Management Simplified

As a next-generation open source content management system, Neos' intuitive interface makes it a snap to do real-time content editing right from within your web browser.

The most basic way of editing content in Neos CMS is available by just clicking what you want to change, working out the changes and pressing the publish button. Then your changes are live. You will see the content changes in the actual design instantly.

If you need to edit SEO data next to the content, Neos provides an inspector for that.

If you need more, the inspector expands to the full screen providing the user with all property options.

That’s not enough? Create custom backend modules.

And if even that is not enough, underlying Neos CMS, we have Flow Framework - a first-class web application framework which will enable you to build applications that can be integrated with your other systems.

Neos CMS will blend in seamlessly with your website so you as an editor don't have to re-think in order to edit your content. It is our philosophy to reduce the amount of cognitive load to make editing content fun again.

Neos CMS logo

Key Facts

  • Open Source
  • Cloud Ready
  • Multi Channel Publishing
  • Touch optimized
  • Rich Editor Experience