TYPO3 - the Leading Open Source Enterprise Web Content Management System

We have built our company on this unique software for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • TYPO3 is Enterprise proven and not just “ready”.
  • Design is separated from content so content owners can quickly and easily add dynamic content without limiting the design options for professional web designers.
  • Comprehensive user permissions allow content editors to access only the areas relevant to them, allowing for complex, simultaneous workflows.
  • TYPO3 is equipped with plenty of functionalities that can be added to the website as needed.
  • Multi-language and multi-domain websites can be managed in a single installation and allow content sharing, thus reducing the complexity of managing your site.
  • TYPO3's active community submits regular security updates, and so your website is protected against attacks.
  • With TYPO3 there are no licensing fees. All you pay for are the services and training to make your website truly what you want and need!
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Key Facts

  • Over 500,000 installations
  • Available in 51 Languages
  • 9,998+ TYPO3 Features
  • 6,005 Extensions
  • 8,000,000+ Downloads
  • 100,000 Community Members