TYPO3 Outsourcing

Web Essentials is working with renowned partner companies in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and the US as outsourcing services provider. We understand the quality our clients are looking for, communicate transparently, have effective project management in place and deliver on time.

We are best in the following areas:

  • Cross-browser compatible XHTML/CSS templating
  • Solid TYPO3 integration and configuration
  • TYPO3 extension development (classic, Extbase/Fluid)
  • Integration of Flash with TYPO3
  • TYPO3 maintenance and support

If you are a TYPO3 company or design agency, looking for a partner who can provide the quality you need, Web Essentials is your choice.

Web Essentials

Web Essentials is a start-up business specializing in providing high-quality web development services in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. From design to integration, our experienced team of web developers and designers have the capability to create fully-functional professional websites and web-applications. Alongside, we also provide ethical outsourcing services to web companies worldwide working with the Content Management System TYPO3. By focusing on these selective set of services of design and web development, we can excel in our field and exceed clients expectations.

As a social business, we are committed to investing in our staff. Through regular training sessions in web development their skills improve and proficiency level heightened. Also our high-performance environment allows our employees to have the space and access to resources they need to learn.

We at Web Essentials are a fun, young and vibrant bunch of Swiss, Cambodians and there’s even an Americans and there's even an Australian in our midst. We are truly a combination of East meets West.


Web Essentials meets the fundamental needs of our clients with a commitment to excellence. We understand the essentials of web development on multiple levels. From transparent communication to standards-oriented programming, clear concept-recognition to a dynamic team, our clients can trust us to provide the crucial services they need and have peace of mind.

Why Us

By focusing on a selective set of services, we make sure that our staff receive repetitive experience in their field, allowing them to learn fast and acquire the level of quality our clients are looking for. Highly trained expatriate advisors are also on hand to assist the projects and provide training sessions.
Our location has been transformed into a high-performance environment, giving people space and access to resources they need to learn, work, communicate and relax. Our infrastructure is well-maintained and constantly developed to provide the technical services we need to program at a high quality level.
To work in an innovative business field can be stressful from time to time. That is why it is important to us that our staff can relax. We have common coffee breaks in the morning which offer the possibility to chat casually and rejuvenate. We pay overtime and all our staff have the right for holidays from their first day of employment. We also love to have social events, celebrate birthdays or play soccer together.
Outsourcing providers often work in a challenging business environment. At Web Essentials, we believe that we raise standards only by keeping to high values. Our accounting practices are according to the law and transparent (not always common in Cambodia). We have a business license for our operations and we pay all our taxes. We promote Open Source software and contribute back to Open Source communities. High-performance environment